ceiling colapse injury lawyer in the bronx

A Piece of the Ceiling Fell and Hit Me

Do I need a Lawyer if a Piece of Ceiling Fell On Me?

While this doesn’t happen very often, there are times when a piece of the ceiling will break free and fall. There is no way to predict or prevent the deterioration of a building, but proper maintenance is necessary before something small turns into a larger issue. This can happen for a variety of reasons, it can be due to a storm or the general negligence of the person that owns the building. Either way, you are entitled to having your medical costs and loss of time at your job reimbursed. Sometimes the owner of the building will give you the contact information for their insurance. When you have a hard time getting someone to speak to you, you may want to call an attorney with a focus on premises liability-related accidents. We work on your behalf.

Building accidents in the Bronx could be caused by a number of things. They could be loose bricks, damaged drywall, or any piece of the building falling off, as well as an awning that may come loose in the wind. While nobody wants this sort of thing to happen, it happens more than you might think. Storms and wind can be hard on a building, as well as ice and snow that can weaken and damage the construction. When there is a huge build-up of ice, that also can slide off the building and injure someone.

It is important that you do everything you can to avoid any injuries in the first place, but sometimes it’s unexpected and unavoidable. Building accidents can be devastating and may even result in death. During these times, it is critical that you speak with an accident attorney and find out your rights.

An attorney who is experienced in building accidents

We work with building accident victims and their families to come up with solutions that will best fit their situation. We will go after the insurance companies that aren’t wanting to pay and don’t want to take responsibility. It is important that you find an attorney to represent you and work on your behalf. You need to know your rights and what you’re entitled to under the law. These laws can be confusing and hard to navigate on your own. By choosing the right attorney, we can communicate with the insurance company. You simply will need to work on healing from your accident.

Bronx building accidents come without warning. You may be confused as to what to do next. There is hope and help available and we are experienced in this process. Get the medical treatment you need, get stabilized, and call an accident attorney that can go over everything with you. We will want to know what happened, the location exactly, what time, and any other details you can provide. If you have witnessed or know that others saw it, or if you know about any videos that might contain evidence. These are some of the basics that you should gather to better prepare when you speak with an attorney. This will allow us to determine if you have a case.

Don’t take the law into your own hands. Call someone that can help you navigate your case and navigate through the red tape of insurance companies. Call now!  Let us take a look at your case and see what we can do.

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