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AAA’s Annual Campaign Aims to Reduce Child Pedestrian Fatalities/Injuries

AAA’s Annual “School’s Open Drive Carefully” Campaign Aims to Reduce Child Pedestrian Fatalities and Injuries

To help motorists, bicyclists and young pedestrians stay safe as millions of New York schoolchildren return to classrooms, the Automobile Club is distributing more than thousands of back to school safety posters, traffic safety coloring and activity books, new pedestrian safety bookmarks and yellow school-bus shaped bumper stickers to schools and libraries, community groups and law enforcement as part of AAA’s annual “School’s Open—Drive Carefully campaign. The campaign’s goal is to help boost traffic safety awareness in and around schools due to increased traffic congestion.

The Need for New York School Safety

New items for schools to distribute to families include colorful pedestrian School’s Open Walk Safely bookmarks, a safety DVD and teacher curriculum and School’s Open Parent Handout.

The Auto Club’s popular “Pick Up and Drop Off Children at School” tip card and Halloween safety bookmark are also available during the fall as part of almost 200,000 pieces of traffic safety materials to be distributed across NYC counties.

Nationally, traffic collisions are the number one cause of death and injury for youngsters less than 15 years of age. Today, more students are driven by parents to school due to sharply reduced school bus service and they are mixing with more commuters who use bicycles and motorcycles to save gas. This has created a dangerous environment for all road users, according to the Auto Club.

“Increased hazards for children walking to and from school or waiting at bus stops is due to more traffic congestion near campuses,” said the Auto Club’s Community Programs & and Traffic Safety Manager. “Drivers must watch for children walking or riding a bike and reduce their speeds in school zones.”

Traffic safety rules have changed significantly since today’s parents were children. Mandatory seat belt laws, air bags, bike helmet requirements, texting and cell phone ban awareness as well as new, safer ways for crossing streets should be discussed with children, she added. Tell children to remove headphones and put away cell phones and other electronic devices so they can hear and see traffic when crossing the street.

One-fifth of children under age 14 who die in motor vehicle crashes are pedestrians, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The fatalities are more likely to happen mid-afternoon, when school is letting out. Educators can also request an Auto Club Traffic Safety Materials Catalog which features available educational materials, community programs and safety initiatives.

To help protect children, the Auto Club urges motorists to follow these safety tips. We think that’s great advice.

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