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Avoiding Accidents with Delivery Trucks

In today’s post-pandemic world, delivery trucks abound. In fact, deliveries across virtually all industries and sectors have been exponentially on the rise.

Data from Uber Eats reveals a whopping 135% year over year increase in bookings. Similarly, GrubHub increased its active diners by 41%. Amazon deliveries are at an all-time high, and even Walmart got in on the gold rush launching its Walmart Plus subscription delivery service.

It is estimated that some 70% of all goods in the US reach their final destination by way of a delivery truck. Yet despite the need and efficiency of shipping, accidents have been on the rise.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, truck accidents have risen 52% since 2009, injuring nearly 130,000 individuals. Among the less lucky are those who perished, with 4,102 deaths noted in 2017 alone.

New York delivery truck accidents are an avoidable catastrophe

How Can You Avoid Accidents with Delivery Trucks in NY?

Avoid Major Highways When Possible. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), revealed that just over 50% of all truck-related accidents occurred on roads other than interstates and freeways. Similarly, minor roads only accounted for around 15% of accidents with large delivery trucks.

Timing is Everything. Information released by IIHS shows that the majority of semi-truck accidents occur between the hours of 12-3pm over a large sample size spanning several years. When possible, avoid the ‘afternoon rush’ on roadways.

Save Errands for the Weekends. Statistics regarding large truck accidents reveal a shocking discovery. Only 16% of accidents involving large trucks occur on the weekends, making Saturday and Sunday a perfect (and safer) time to run errands. What day is the most deadly? Thursday, accounting for nearly 18% of all truck accidents.

Slow it Down and Give Them Room. Two leading causes of delivery truck crashes are the truck’s speed and stopping distance. The massive weight of semi-trucks and delivery vans makes it difficult for them to stop, requiring a longer stopping distance once they realize they need to put on the brakes. Do your part by giving them the room they need to operate safely.

Eliminate Unnecessary Distractions. These days we have more distractions than ever before. Smartphones, notifications going off, texts, calls, alerts, GPS navigator and more. Add to that music and/or rambunctious kids or unruly passengers and you have a recipe for disaster.

Stay Alert and Situationally Aware. Practice being situationally aware of your surroundings. Take note of potential threats and adjust accordingly. Simply being alert and aware goes a long way in preventing delivery truck accidents.

Be Mindful of Stops. Delivery trucks often make frequent and sometimes unexpected stops. As a non-commercial driver, expect the unexpected from delivery vans, delivery trucks, box trucks and the like. Make sure you have plenty of room for yourself and them to slow down, speed up, stop, pull over and unload.

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