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Avoiding Accidents on Your e-scooter or Bicycle

The use of bicycles and e-scooters for both recreation and travel has seen a rapid increase in recent years. Several companies and cities have capitalized on the trend, offering dockless scooters as a form of public transportation.

While this move aids in decreasing congestion on city roadways and aids in the effort to take a green approach to public transportation, it has also resulted in one very undesirable side effect: an increase in bicycle and e-scooter accidents. One CDC study revealed that there are around 20 bicycle or scooter-related injuries per every 100,000 trips taken.

Those riding bicycles and scooters in populated and heavily congested areas are at an increased risk for injury from distracted drivers.

In this guide, we explore the best ways to avoid accidents when riding your e-bike, scooter or bicycle and avoid getting hit by a car.

Hit By Car While Riding My Bike in New York: What are my rights?

Before we dive into what you can do to avoid getting hit by a car, if you or a loved one have already been injured, you have rights.

E-bike and scooter accidents are often serious, with the CDC reporting that nearly 15% of injuries result in traumatic brain injury. Other common injuries include serious back and neck injury, broken or fractured limbs, cuts, contusions, bruising, and more.

Studies confirm that a significant portion of bike accidents are due to distracted or intoxicated drivers. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, a bike injury attorney can make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t take on medical bills, and lost wages from time off work onto your own shoulders. Let us help you hold those accountable for their negligent actions.

Tips to Avoid Accidents and Getting Hit By a Car on your Bike in New York

Safety Inspection

Nearly 19% of riders report scooter malfunctions as the reason for their accident. Before each ride, give your scooter or e-bike a good once-over. Inspect the tires, chain, brake, and more to make sure everything is performing as it should. Give it a short test ride prior to taking off on your trip. If you notice anything ‘off’ such as strange noises, shaking, poor braking, or tight or loose handlebars, try a different bike or get yours repaired.

Safety Gear

The importance of proper safety gear cannot be understated. At a minimum, a high-quality helmet should be worn at all times. Even a small bump on the head can have lasting and devastating consequences.


Become familiar with the ways to signal your intentions when riding where there are pedestrians or traffic. Signal your move ahead of time with enough notice for others to take note and adapt to your intentions.

Iridescent / Reflective Wear

Consider wearing a reflective vest or straps when riding, especially at night. Bikes and scooters are notoriously difficult for cars and trucks to see. Increase your chances of their awareness of you and you decrease the risk of an accident.

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