Fender Bender On The Streets Of The Bronx

Car Accidents at Intersections

It can be dangerous to drive through intersections. You could be one of the safest, most conscientious drivers and still have a collision with another vehicle. In the Bronx, for example, two of the most dangerous intersections are located in the University Heights neighborhood.

Car accidents are common at intersections. You can encounter drivers who lack knowledge of traffic laws, engage in distracted driving, and run red lights. No matter how careful you are, defensive driving cannot always prevent an accident.

It is impossible to avoid intersections. You may not be able to avoid irresponsible drivers. Statistics from the Federal Highway Administration show some of the most serious accidents occur at intersections. This includes over 20% of roadway fatalities and approximately half of the serious accident injuries that occur from car accidents.

Running a Red Light

In a recent year, more than 33% of drivers stated they had run a red light within the previous month. You cannot afford to assume other drivers are as careful as yourself. Another driver may be in a hurry to get home from work and ignore a red light, or he may be distracted and not notice the light at all. This is why defensive driving is so important. Not only must you stay focused on your own driving, but you need to watch other drivers, too.

Perhaps you are traveling the Harlem River Dr and another driver is not paying attention as he approaches an intersection. You may be thinking ahead to your commute on the Bronx River Pkwy, and do not notice this other driver. Instead of obeying the law and practicing safe driving habits, he is texting while he drives, and crashes into your car. Your spouse is waiting for you at home while you call the police and paramedics.

What to Do After an Accident

After a car accident near FDR Dr or any location in the city, you should not only call emergency personnel to assist at the intersection. You should also call an experienced Bronx car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Accident attorneys know how to protect your rights, and provide the help you need during this stressful time.

Do not hesitate to contact Kerner Law Group, P.C. You can call 718-796-7900 for a free consultation. If you have had an accident after another driver has taken unnecessary risks at an intersection, do not take risks with your legal rights. Our lawyers will provide expert advice and representation for you.

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