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My Car Was Hit by a Garbage Truck, Causing Injury

My Car Was Hit by a Garbage Truck Causing Me To Be Hurt. Do I Have a Case? Garbage trucks are part of life no matter where you live in New York. Large and lumbering, they seem to be everywhere, all the time, and never at a convenient moment for busy...

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Someone Hit My Parked Car in Bronx: What to Do

Someone Crashed into My Car While It Was Parked in The Bronx. What Do I Do? What Do I Do If My Car Was Hit in The Parking Lot at a Bronx Business? If your car was damaged while you were parked in the Bronx, it’s important to understand what you can...

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Protect Your Rights After a Car Accident

Learn What to Do After the Car Accident to Help Protect Your Rights A car accident can be a life-changing event especially if you’ve been injured. But the pain and suffering can continue long after your injuries heal if certain steps are not...

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Hiring a Lawyer After being in an Uber/Lyft Accident?

Should I Hire a Lawyer After Being in an Uber or Lyft Car Accident? Instead of driving yourself, you’ve taken an Uber or Lyft– all of the convenience, but none of the responsibility, right?  What happens, though, if you’re in that Uber and you experience...

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Defensive Driving Tips – What Every Driver Should Know

Bronx Car Accident Attorney Shares Defensive Driving Tips You don’t have to be a Bronx Car Accident Attorney to know that a car accident can occur at any moment and even at low speeds they can cause serious personal injuries, including death. Fortunately,...

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Choosing The Best Auto Accident Lawyer in 2022

How To Choose An Attorney After An Auto Accident Finding a lawyer after being involved in a car accident is very important. Whether you were the cause of the accident or you were the victim, securing effective legal counsel can make your life dealing...

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