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Welcome to Stuart M Kerner Law Firm. Check out our blog, where we offer tips, news stories, and updates to help keep you informed and even guide you in your case. You can view our car accident posts here. Contact us to find out how we can help you get compensation for your accident or injury.

Car Accident Attorney for Multiple Vehicle Accident

A good attorney will be able to help you with all your car accident-related issues. They are generally able to give you the best representation and legal advice possible for a range of car accidents. Some examples of things that a lawyer can help you...

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Car Accidents at Intersections

It can be dangerous to drive through intersections. You could be one of the safest, most conscientious drivers and still have a collision with another vehicle. In the Bronx, for example, two of the most dangerous intersections are located in the University...

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Tailgating Accidents

Tailgating accidents can easily be prevented, but they continue to occur. When a driver does not observe a safe distance between his car and the car in front of him, there is not enough time to stop when needing to avoid an accident. The faster he...

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Defective Tires Can Cause Car Accidents

Every year, thousands find themselves involved in car accidents, not realizing that tire failure might be the hidden culprit. While numerous reasons can lead to accidents on the road, a defective tire can often be the unsuspected cause. This article...

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The Most Dangerous Driving Distraction is…

Key Takeaways Visual, manual, and cognitive distractions are the most common reasons for distracted driving. Technology, such as mobile phones, in-car entertainment systems, and GPS navigation systems, contributes to distracted driving. Emotional...

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The Dangers of Road Debris

Road debris is a traffic accident waiting to happen. The reason it is such a serious issue is you are not prepared in advance. Even if you are an experienced driver, you do not think about objects in the roadway until something is directly in your...

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