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The Ceiling Collapsed in My Apartment, and I Sustained Injuries!

The Ceiling Collapsed in My Bronx Apartment, and I Sustained Injuries!

A ceiling collapse in your apartment can devastate your mind, body, and life.  The danger from falling material is real and can cause crushing injuries, property damage, and other loss, There could also be further structural instability, loss of livelihood, mental distress, and residential displacement.  Knowing what to do if you or a loved one suffer losses due to an apartment ceiling collapse is critical in the minutes, hours, days, and months to come.

There are several steps you must take immediately following a ceiling collapse.  Was anyone hurt?  Do they require medical attention and follow-up care?  Does the landlord or leasing agency know about the conditions that led up to the collapse, and have they been notified of the damage you have suffered?  Do you have renter’s insurance?  So many questions to ask… so much chaos to sort out!  The Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, PC, can help.

If you are aware of existing damage to your ceiling and the roof of your apartment building, you must report it to the management of your property as soon as possible.  Taking photos of the damage as you discover it is of vital importance as well; any record you can make of continuing or sustained damage is always a good idea.  Suppose the collapse results from an injury you’ve previously observed. In that case, this documentation may become valuable evidence for the building’s insurance company and in court if litigation becomes an issue.

While it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain your apartment building according to rigorous maintenance and safety standards, long-term structural damage can occur due to unforeseen leaks, settling, natural disasters, or improper construction of your building.  These types of accidents are typically covered by conventional policies, which are the responsibility of – and should be kept current by – your landlord.  Additional expenses, however, may be consequential to the accident, and they can cost you personally.  Your personal belongings, for example, may only be covered by your rental insurance policy.  Additionally, there may be limits to what is allowed by the owner’s insurance coverage.  That’s where we can help.

We will examine the circumstances surrounding the ceiling collapse and review the pertinent information to recover your material and physical damages.  The types of information we’ll gather will include:

➢    Maintenance records, copies of work orders or repair requests, photos, and any written notifications you have made to management regarding water damages, prior cracks or other issues related to your ceiling.

➢    Medical records, hospital or doctor’s bills resulting from any injuries caused by the collapse, photos of all injuries and injured parties, and records of resulting physical and emotional therapy, prescriptions, etc.

➢    Witness or neighbor statements.  The ensuing chaos can create long-term confusion and muddled recollections when things like this happen.  Collecting personal accounts of the incident as close to the time it happened will provide critical details you might forget in all the turbulent commotion. Our office will send out investigators to try and obtain statements from witnesses and neighbors that may have similar problems.

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