Defective Tires Cause Accident

Defective Tires Can Cause Car Accidents

Tires should be checked on a monthly basis. Most people inspect their tires rarely, if at all. Whether you have a busy life, do not take it seriously, or lack confidence in your knowledge of basic car maintenance, tire inflation and tread wear may not be on your list of priorities.

While making sure there is sufficient tread on the tires, no nails in the tread, and being properly inflated should be part of your routine maintenance, there is another issue to consider. Whether you purchased the tires separately or whether they were on the car when you bought it, the tires may have been defective from the start.

How do you know if a tire is defective? Unless the manufacturer has issued a recall, it is impossible to know. All consumers can do is maintain their tires regularly, and stay alert to tire recalls.

Defects in the manufacturing process can greatly increase the risk of a car accident. You may be driving over Throgsneck Bridge or across the Bronx–Whitestone Bridge, and find you cannot handle your car. You may have an accident if the tire blows out. Leaks and substandard materials can be present even if you do not realize it.

Why Are Defective Tires A Problem?

Defective tires cause around 33,000 accidents each year. Around 500 individuals die from these accidents.

However, you cannot count on tire recalls to protect you from an accident. 80% of tires that have been recalled will continue to be in use. In too many cases, consumers do not know their tires are defective until an accident has occurred and they need a lawyer that works in the Bronx.

Recalls On Your Tires?

Manufacturers can issue voluntary recalls after they learn a tire is defective. You are not likely to hear about this unless you notice it in the news. The manufacturer may or may not send you a letter, so it’s best to stay alert to recalls in the news, and inspect your own tires. Every time you get your oil changed or car inspected, have the mechanic do a thorough inspection on all tires.

You can take extra steps to protect yourself. If you register tires when you purchase them, you are taking a step in the right direction. You can also look at the recall website, as well as the National Highway Traffic Administration site.

Tire Defects: Who Is Responsible?

There are three different areas in which product liability law can cover defective tires:

  • If the tire is not manufactured properly
  • Poor design
  • Does not include proper safety information

In some instances, defects can be worsened or even caused if it is improperly installed by your mechanic.

Personal injury law can apply when you are injured in an accident due to defective tires. Your first call should be to accident attorneys who have experience in this field of law. When you need to know your options, or how to proceed with a lawsuit, consult with the Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, P.C. in the Bronx at 718-796-7800.

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