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Dog Bite Lawyer & Dog Bite Prevention for Bronx Residents

Dog Bite Lawyer in New York Shares Dog Bite Prevention Tips with Bronx Residents

It is estimated that over 4 million people are bitten by dogs each year. While some of these bites are minor nips, many are major attacks that result in serious injuries (and in some cases death).  To help prevent this from happening to you or your children, keep reading now as I share with you some steps you can take to avoid being bitten by a dog.

The New York Dog Bite Law and How to Avoid Being Bitten by a Dog

According to Isaac Newton, every action is a result of an opposite reaction (Newton’s third law of motion). In other words, everything happens for a purpose and for a reason. A dog will bite because of certain reasons, which if you understand will help you avoid being bitten. The popular saying is that prevention is better than cure. Since prevention of dog bites is not just the responsibility of dog owners alone, below are preventive measures the Bronx, NY  residents can take to avoid being bitten by a dog.

How to recognize warning signs that a dog may bite you

Before any dog bites, he will give warning signs which, if apprehended, can prevent a bite at all. They usually make sure that these warnings are very clear using body language whenever they feel frightened or threatened by situations. These include pulling their ears back, lowering its tail and wags it slowly, snarling, growling or barking aggressively with their teeth showing or intensely looking directly at your face. It’s advisable to watch and listen to the warning signs a dog gives you when he is upset.

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Below are some general preventative measures you can take to help prevent a dog bite from occurring :

– Don’t approach a strange or unfamiliar dog
– Don’t run away from a dog
– When Looking at a dog, avoid direct eye contact
– Don’t bother a dog that’s sleeping, eating, relaxing, or looking after puppies.
– Before attempting to pet a dog, allow him or her to sniff you first.
– Never try to intervene when two dogs are fighting.

What to Do After a Dog Bite or If You Were Attacked By a Dog

If you are attacked by a dog you can try to avoid being bitten; don’t run or scream, stand still with your arms at your sides. You should avoid eye contact or speak to the dog, instead curl into a ball and put your hands over your ears, especially if you are knocked to the ground. Make sure you teach your children how to do this too, especially if you suspect any such incidence in your area.

Depending on the level of the bite or the attack, the first thing that you should do is to make sure that you can identify the dog. Being able to identify the dog will help you in giving the necessary report to the authorities, telling them everything you can about the dog.

If the dog bite pierced the skin or if you were scratched, as soon as you have a chance wash the wound thoroughly with soap and warm water then contact your physician for more care and advice.  Even in the case of minor dog bites, be sure to get medical attention immediately. If you are not treated, a dog bite can lead to serious injury or even death.

Give the authorities the owner’s name, the color of the dog, the size, and where the incident occurred. These details will help the animal control officer in your area to locate the dog and at the same time take necessary measures to avoid future occurrences to other people. If the bite is not serious and the dog is yours, confine it immediately and call for the assistance of professionals like a dog behavior specialist, trainer, or veterinarian.

After you have been properly evaluated by medical personnel and have given the authorities the owner’s name, the color of the dog, the size, and where the incident occurred, you may consider consulting with a dog bite lawyer. However, certain information will be needed by the attorney to start a dog bite lawsuit on your behalf. If you are unable to provide this information you can consider bringing in a witness or neighbor that was at the scene with you for your consultation.

New York Dog Bite Law Explained

Under New York Dog Bite Law, if someone is bitten by a dog and injured, the owner of the dog will be strictly liable to pay for the medical bills to the injured person if that person is not covered by insurance. However, New York Dog Bite Law states that New York is a “One Bite State” (one bite NYC) when it comes to suing the dog owner for personal injuries. With this in mind, if you or someone you know has been injured as the result of a dog bite and are considering a dog bite lawsuit, it is advisable to contact a dog bite lawyer in New York to help you better understand New York Dog Bite Law including the Dangerous Dog Law New York.

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