Sue For Slip And Fall Injuries

Frequently Asked Question About Slip Trip & Fall Accidents NYC

Frequently Asked Question About Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents in New York City

If you happen to become injured as a result of fall on a sidewalk, street, school or other city property owned or maintained by a municipality, keep reading as Bronx slip and fall lawyer, Stuart M. Kerner answers commonly asked questions about slip, trip and fall accidents in New York City.

Let’s begin with some special guidelines you need to be aware of…

1. Written notice of the claim within ninety (90) days after the accident against a municipality is generally required.

2. The notice of claim requires date and time of the accident, manner in which the injury was sustained.

3. Exact location and extend injuries sustained.

4. Because often times the condition which caused the accident is changed or fixed after the accident takes place, gathering photos as evidence of the conditions at the time the injury was sustained is necessary when pursuing a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents:

1) Where do trip/slip and falls accidents generally occur?
In short, Slip, Trip and Fall accidents can happen anywhere and usually due to unsafe conditions such as:

  • Cracked, broken or uneven sidewalks
  • Cracked, broken or uneven tiles in a building or store
  • Carpets or mats not properly secured to the ground
  • Slippery floors because of water spills or other liquids of a result of with leaky pipes, ceilings or radiators
  • Tripping hazards such as misplaced merchandise on the floor or shelves that are sticking out
  • Bad, missing or broken light fixtures in a stairway or hallway making it hard to see
  • Failure to display warning signs or potentials dangers or hazardous conditions

2) What do you need to prove legally to win a trip/slip and fall action?
To prove a Slip, Trip & Fall case, an injured party must show that the building owner or its agents were negligent and that this negligence was a substantial factor in causing that person’s injuries. For instance, people often tell us that they slipped on a wet condition in a building. In a case such as this, the law requires that we prove the dangerous condition existed long enough for a store owner, building super or management had knowledge of it and did nothing to correct the problem.

3) Will my medical bills be covered by the building’s insurance company?

A building or store may cover your medical expenses. However, in most cases the insurance company will require that you forfeit your right to a personal injury lawsuit in exchange.

4) What should I do if I tripped because of something broken or slipped on a wet surface?

Request to speak with the manager of the store and have them complete an accident/incident report. Make sure you ask for a copy of the report. Remember, to take photographs of the accident scene.

If you are injured in an accident and are in need of a Bronx personal injury attorney, the Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, P.C., located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, will investigate, prosecute and negotiate with the insurance company of the negligent party to settle your claim and obtain compensation for you based upon the severity of your injury and your pain and suffering. If you would like a legal opinion on the potential value of your personal injury matter or have a question about your rights, contact one of our car accident injury lawyers at (718) 796-7900 to schedule a FREE Consultation online so we can evaluate your personal injury case.

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