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Do You Need A Car Accident Lawyer in the Bronx?

Experiencing a motor vehicle accident can be both traumatic and costly for those involved. Many accidents across the United States are considered low-impact events, with the only damage being a minor fender-bender or a cracked windshield. Both are relatively small when compared to a totaled vehicle, but they are still not insignificant. Low-impact accidents can still cause serious personal injuries to a person’s neck, back, or extremities, like shoulders and knees. The insurance companies consider these types of injuries to be “soft tissue,” insignificant injuries that do not meet the “No-Fault” threshold required to recover money by the New York Insurance law. However, many times these types of injuries can be considered severe and cause a person to suffer longstanding pain and limitations.

When You Need a Lawyer

Contacting a local Bronx personal injury lawyer following a recent accident will depend on several aspects. For example, you should get in touch with an attorney when:

  • A severe injury occurs as the direct result of the accident, including broken bones or hospitalization, or when injuries experienced may be permanent, such as paralysis.
  • A death occurred, or loss of limbs was sustained as a direct result of the vehicular accident.
  • Even when you have injuries that involve nonbroken bones but require you to go to a hospital or private doctor.
  • When you sustained cuts or lacerations that required stitches.
  • When you sustain a head injury and concussion

Why You Need an Attorney

Many hard-working individuals these days want to handle situations all on their own, which can sometimes lead to more problems down the road. Unfortunately, car accident is a daily occurrence throughout the country. Most people in an accident don’t know how to handle all of the insurance claims, doctor bills, auto collision forms, and other necessary documents that must be filed.

The best option is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle the claim. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the claims process and file any litigation if necessary.

A personal injury attorney will be better positioned to obtain the best possible settlement of your injury claim. An attorney will also help to file No-Fault Insurance claim forms so that your hospital and other medical bills will be paid and help you obtain your lost wages due to your inability to work as well assist you in your property damage claim.

What to Look For in a Lawyer

A car accident lawyer in the Bronx can assist you in navigating through a range of problems stemming from a personal injury claim which may include a wrongful death claim, property destruction, or liability claims.

Your ideal attorney should be well versed in all state and national laws regarding transportation and motorists; they should be capable of dealing with the insurance and healthcare companies and know how to prepare and effectively settle the case in your favor. It is essential to check with every prospective attorney and how they can help you during this trying time.

Personal injury attorneys are paid on a contingent retainer, meaning they only get paid if the attorney recovers monetary damages for you. In most cases, the contingent retainer is 33 1/3 %. Therefore it is in the best interests of the attorney to do the very best for you.

Questions to Ask Your Bronx Lawyer

Before ever speaking with a personal injury car accident lawyer, you should take some time to write a few questions down on a readily-available notepad. To start, you should be able to provide the attorney with as much detail regarding the car accident as possible. All documents, including the police report, insurance policy, medical bills, and any information that was shared while at the scene of the incident, will be considered essential for your case.

You should also be prepared to ask a few questions, such as:

  • How much experience do you have with car accident cases?
  • What is the typical settlement range for a case such as mine?
  • How are your fees structured?
  • What out-of-pocket expenses will I have?
  • How much of the accident case will you handle?

Most professional attorneys within the Bronx who handle car accident cases will offer a free consultation. If you are interested in learning more about the potential your case may have or what the next step would be in your case, contact an attorney as soon as possible to handle the situation with ease.

If you are injured in an accident and need a Bronx Car Accident Lawyer, Kerner Law Group, P.C., located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, will investigate, prosecute and negotiate with the insurance company of the negligent party to settle your claim and obtain compensation for you based upon the severity of your injury and your pain and suffering.  If you would like a legal opinion on the potential value of your injury matter or have a question about your rights, contact one of our car accident injury lawyers toll-free at 718-796-7900 to schedule a FREE Consultation online so we can evaluate your injury case.

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