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I Tripped and Fell on Broken Steps on a Premises. Help!

I Tripped and Fell on Broken Steps on personal Property. Help!

We’ve all seen it – a slip and fall caused by spilled water on a grocery store floor or icy entryway; A twisted ankle from an uneven, upended, buckled sidewalk; a scraped knee (or worse!) from a parking lot bumper stumble; – but what do you do when you take a tumble due to a trip and fall on broken steps in New York?  Who is at fault?  Who is responsible for any resulting injuries?  What do you do to take care of yourself?  The Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, PC, can help make sense of all the confusion.

Whether on public or private premises, property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their establishments and properties are safe and well-maintained.  Structural instabilities and hazardous conditions can present perilous circumstances, leading to unforeseen and dangerous accidents.  Stairs can present several hazards – worn, cracked, splitting, or uneven staircases can create precarious and unexpected risks whether those traversing them are heading up or down.  Insufficient maintenance or improper installation of rugs, runners, or the stairs themselves can virtually guarantee a trip and fall accident, sending you or a loved one to the hospital. Whatever the circumstances, property owners may be financially liable for the injuries sustained due to trip & fall injuries from their defective and dangerous stairs.

Perhaps the stairs you were ascending had a loose (or non-existent) handrail, or the stairs themselves were slippery and wet or cracked and broken – regardless of the reason for your fall, there are steps you need to take to pursue your claim against the property owner.  They include:

  • Make a record of the exact conditions that led to your accident; was the stairway compromised by water, debris, or other signs of decay or erosion?  Taking photos of the precise location, as well as any contributing conditions (such as weather, poor lighting, traffic patterns, etc.), can be useful to your case.  Did anyone see what happened?  Get the names and phone numbers of witnesses or good samaritans who may attend to you as you wait for medical attention.
  • Contact the building management company or owner and ask to file a record of the incident.  Request a copy of this information for your files – and your attorney.  If you receive onsite medical assistance, gather the records for your ambulance transport and any additional hospital or doctor’s notes, documentation, and billing.
  • Make a request from your employer for documentation about the time taken away from work for your health and healing related to the incident.
  • Contact the legal experts at the Kerner Law Group, P.C.  No matter where you are in New York, we are your best choice for premises personal injury claims.

Stairways pose a unique hazard for people who traverse them simply because of their uneven surface and transitional purpose.  No one should have to compensate for instability, structural weaknesses, or dangerous conditions, nor should you suffer due to negligent actions (or lack of action) by a property owner or management company.  New Yorkers have a reasonable expectation of safe, secure, and well-maintained facilities, and owners/managers adhere to standard building codes. If these conditions are substandard or neglected, the consequences can be catastrophic, painful, and expensive.

Trip and fall accidents that occur because of broken steps are not your fault.  Call The Law Offices Of Stuart M. Kerner, PC, today to set up your no-obligation, no-fee consultation.  We will discuss your accident and your rights and work to achieve the compensation and benefits you deserve.

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