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Manhole Cover Liability If Someone Gets Hurt

Sidewalk Utility Cover Liability When Someone Gets Hurt

People trip and fall on broken, cracked, or even lose utility and/or manhole covers all of the time. Many times an electric sidewalk cover or electric light utility cover will even be missing causing a trip and fall and injuries. There may be grounds to sue if the liable party noticed the faulty or missing cover and had the opportunity to fix it but didn’t.

Identifying the liable party

Identifying the responsible party is not always easy. The assistance of a personal injury lawyer may be needed to establish who was responsible for the broken or missing cover. There are many parties possibly at fault for a broken or missing utility hole accident. Is the company that owns that cover liable? Is it the private property owner’s liability? Is it the city’s fault since the utility hole on the private property is installed and maintained by the City for a City traffic light? Personal injury attorneys will be able to make a determination as to who the potentially liable party is.

Evidence needed to prove liability

The law governing liability claims for this type of accident is the Government Code Section 830(a). This section stipulates that a dangerous condition exists when it creates a substantial risk of injury. Moreover, the risk must have been foreseeable. To file a successful lawsuit, the lawyer or injured party must gather evidence regarding the condition of the utility hole cover.

Common injuries caused by ill-maintained utility hole covers

Loose utility hole covers are hazardous to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Bicycle wheels can get caught on a loose utility hole cover. Injuries caused by loose utility hole covers can range from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries and even paralysis. Those injuries can result in lower quality of life and loss of income, which can be accounted for and compensated for in a lawsuit.


In conclusion, you should consult with an attorney regarding injuries you sustained due to broken, defective, or missing utility and/or manhole cover to see if you have a potential claim. The lawyer will be able to determine if there is a viable case that can help ensure a successful and compensating lawsuit.

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