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My Car Was Hit by a Garbage Truck, Causing Injury

My Car Was Hit by a Garbage Truck Causing Me To Be Hurt. Do I Have a Case?

Garbage trucks are part of life no matter where you live in New York. Large and lumbering, they seem to be everywhere, all the time, and never at a convenient moment for busy commuters or bustling pedestrians. While they move slowly, the damage and injury they are able to inflict if one hits your vehicle can be severe and have dire consequences.

There are several factors that may determine the circumstances surrounding a garbage truck collision. Because these monstrous vehicles make frequent, unexpected stops, other vehicles in motion on the road may become casualties of sudden turns, abrupt pauses, and falling debris. The width of the trucks sometimes causes them to strike other vehicles on narrow roadways. Failure to follow the rules of the road, distraction, or fatigue can all have a significant impact on a driver’s ability to focus and perform efficiently. Visibility or blind spots may impede the truck driver from seeing you or other objects in the area. In the event that you find your car the casualty of a garbage truck’s destruction causing injury to you or passengers in your vehicle, it’s important to know what to do.

If your car is involved in an accident with a garbage truck, make sure no one including yourself was severely hurt. If someone was hurt call 911 for an ambulance. Then if you are able to, take photos of your vehicle, the garbage truck, and the surrounding circumstances at the time of the accident. Take as many photos as possible, from every angle. This provides helpful documentation for your case.

Write down the name of the private garbage company or New York City Department of Sanitation vehicle number for the truck involved in the crash, as well as the driver’s name, license plate number, and contact information. Ask for the company and/or driver’s insurance information, and document it for your records. If there are any witnesses who saw the accident happen, be sure to get their names and phone numbers. Once you’ve reported the accident to the police, request medical attention if you have been injured in any way by the impact of the accident. Often, head, neck, back, shoulder, knee, and other injuries may not present for hours or days following an accident. However, if you feel any pain or limitation you should seek out medical attention to have yourself checked out and document your injury.

Finally, contact the personal injury team at the Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, P.C. We will take the time to evaluate the circumstances of your accident with you, and assist you in knowing what to do next. Together, we will assess whether the truck belongs to a private company or the New York Department of Sanitation, and we will aggressively pursue the necessary information to determine liability and recover the compensatory damages you are entitled to under the law.

We represent injured persons throughout New York City and the surrounding areas and have earned millions of dollars for our collective clients through the years with cases just like yours.

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