Check Wiper Blades For Safe Driving

Preventing Car Accidents Due To Defective Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers play a large role in safe driving. If you think about it, visibility is one of the most important factors when you drive. Whether you are on the Hutchinson River Pkwy, in Morris Park, or in Pelham Bay, when it’s pouring with rain, and you cannot clearly see the road ahead, you could get into an otherwise avoidable accident. Good windshield wipers really are that important. Don’t get into a situation where you need to find a good car accident lawyer.

Take Care Of Your Car

Whether you know a little or a lot about car maintenance, wipers should be checked regularly. Consider it an easy task each time you change your oil. If you are intimidated by car maintenance, make an appointment with your local mechanic. If you are totally unfamiliar with car maintenance, ask your mechanic to show you how to replace your windshield wipers and top up the washer fluid.

Weather Conditions And Road Safety

We all know what it’s like to drive in New York during the wintertime. Snow storms can make visibility nearly impossible. When you must venture out during a storm, windshield wipers can prevent an accident and may even save your life.

Rain and thunderstorms can be equally hazardous. Whether you are on your way to work in the morning or out with friends at night, an unexpected rainstorm can affect your vision and cause a serious or deadly accident. Crashes and fender benders happen all too frequently on roads like the Bronx River Pkwy or Major Deegan Expressway when it’s raining and visibility is poor.

In any type of inclement weather, your windshield wipers must be in good condition and working effectively. You depend on them for safe driving.

According to the NYPD, in 2019, there were over 211,000 reported traffic collisions city wide, and of those, unfortunately, 218 lost their lives. The New York State of Health reports that across The Bronx, every month approximately 73 Bronx County residents are hospitalized and a further 875 treated in an ED.

A study published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, found a 34 percent increase in the risk of a fatal crash when it’s raining or snowing. Although fog and winter weather conditions account for many car crashes, rain still has a large impact and should not be ignored.

Statistics are only useful if you take them seriously, and add windshield wiper maintenance to your list of priorities. Do not hesitate to replace your wipers if they are worn out, broken, or defective. It is a very small investment, and it can make a difference when you want to avoid a car wreck.

If you do get into an accident in New York, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer working for you. This is the time to call the Bronx Kerner Law Group, P.C. We are ready to help with a free consultation when you contact us at 718-796-7900.

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