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Preventing Slip and Falls in Your Hotel

Every hotel owner or manager fears a call that someone fell at the hotel. Yet, according to the Department of Labor, trips, falls, and slips account for nearly 25% of all reported injury claims and 15% of accidental deaths each year.

Hotel management has a duty to its patrons, and to take reasonable steps necessary to keep guests safe from foreseeable injury. Failure to do so may constitute a breach of the hotel’s ‘duty of care. In such cases, a patron who fell at the hotel may hold that establishment accountable for damages.

Keeping in mind that defense is often the best offense, this guide will focus on the things you can do to prevent trips, slip, and falls in your hotel.

How Hotels Can Prevent Fall Accidents in New York

Regular Inspections

Hotels undergo a lot of wear and abuse from guests and staff alike. Frequent inspections can aid in the early identification of potential risks, such as loose carpeting, a dim or burned-out light bulb, and more.

Thorough Cleaning

Slips and falls are frequently caused by slippery or debris-laden surfaces underfoot. Ensure that your hotel has a well-planned cleaning strategy to ensure trash, food, luggage and other objects are free from walkways.

Timely Repairs

Dangers can develop in an instant. A leaky pipe, a spill, loose handrail, burned-out light, torn carpeting and more can all pose a serious and imminent risk to patrons. When damage is identified, care should be taken to make repairing that issue a priority. Further, employees should rope off the area with high visibility caution tape to inform patrons they need to stay clear until the issue has been resolved.

Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance and Upkeep

New York and the Bronx are notorious for their sometimes brutal weather. Each season brings with it unique challenges, most notably snow and ice during the winter months. Sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots are notable areas where patrons are prone to slipping, falling, and becoming injured. Take preventative measures by implementing a plan to keep walkways well-maintained, salted, and free from ice and snow. You may also consider putting up signs regarding the potential for slippery surfaces during these months.

Awareness of The Most Common Issues that Cause Someone to Fall at New York Hotels

  • Greasy, wet, or slick (waxed or polished) floors
  • Vinyl or tile floors with dust or powder on them
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Lack of grip underfoot
  • Lack of support (handrails, etc.)
  • Transitions from one type of flooring to another (i.e. carpet to hardwood)
  • Missing or uneven tiles or bricks
  • Sloped walking surfaces
  • Clutter or debris
  • Open file cabinets or drawers
  • Lack of skid-resistant walking surfaces
  • Electrical cords (such as extension cords being used and not taped down)
  • Weather hazards
  • Dim or inadequate lighting

With awareness comes an opportunity to take preventative steps to prevent these common issues from causing an incident in the future.

Did You Slip, Trip and Fall at a Hotel?

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury and/or damages as a result of a slip or fall accident at a hotel in New York or the Bronx? Do you feel like the hotel was negligent in its responsibilities to maintain the safety of its property?

Slip and Fall Lawyers at The Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, PC is dedicated to helping our clients recover compensation for injuries caused by hazards in a hotel. Reach out today for a free consultation and to see if you may be entitled to compensation under New York law.

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