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A Customer is Injured, What Does the business Do?

What Does a Business Need to Do if a Customer Is Injured?

When a customer is injured, a variety of feelings surface. Take a moment to calmly evaluate the situation, do they need medical attention? That’s your first priority. Keep yourself calm so that you can help them. Of course, offer to help them by providing first aid and keeping them comfortable. If they are seriously injured, ask if they would like you to call an ambulance. If they don’t need medical attention but need help, then do help them. While they may appear to be fine, have them sit for a moment and make sure nothing serious is wrong with them. If they don’t feel comfortable driving, ask if you can call someone to pick them up. You want them to feel safe at all times. Their welfare is your priority.

Once they are okay, you need to gather information. This is typically an incident report that your human resources department has available, complete with all their information. You also should find out why they think this happened so you can do something to prevent it in the future.  You want to determine if it was your fault or the fault of your property that caused the accident.  This will give you an idea if you are liable so that you can be prepared should there be a lawsuit brought up. If there is a lawsuit, you will need as much evidence of what happened as possible. Take pictures to keep for your records. Get statements from any witnesses at the time as well.

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Most business owners will have insurance in place that will protect them. You should let your insurance company know what happened, so they are prepared to receive a call from the customer or their representation. You are not liable yourself. That’s why you have business insurance to protect you. While they will not be happy to find out that there is a lawsuit over an incident they will appreciate you being forthright and notifying them right away.

Give your business insurance information to the person that was injured. Often, the person injured isn’t injured too seriously and will be happy with this response. However, as a Personal Injury Attorney in The Bronx, we do take cases like this and have been very successful.

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If you were the person who fell in the building, you need to speak with a Personal Injury Attorney in The Bronx to find out your options. While it was very nice of the business owner to give you their insurance information and help you, you also have rights. This injury could lead to other health issues down the road, or you could lose time off of work. You need someone that can accurately represent you in this time of need.  Call the Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner, P.C. right away. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve so that you can worry about more important things, such as healing.

Being a customer injured in this sort of accident is never fun. When negligence is involved, you have a personal injury case that may provide compensation above what the insurance company will offer. Don’t plan on negotiating on your own behalf against a team of professional attorneys, Let our office handle the case. We will take the time to negotiate for you and even do our own investigation into what happened. There is no need to pay unless we win.

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