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Winter Weather Alerts

Winter weather conditions can make driving hazardous. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports over 2,000 deaths and almost half a million accidents each winter. When you drive in New York, you must take special precautions during the wintertime.

The National Weather Service explains common alerts and weather warnings you may hear in the winter:

  • Winter Storm Watch: hazardous weather conditions may occur within 48 hours.
  • Winter Storm Warning: hazardous weather is imminent or currently present.
  • Blizzard Warning: Snow and wind gusts make driving especially hazardous. Visibility is significantly reduced. The conditions are expected to last for at least three hours.
  • Winter Weather Advisory. Either freezing rain or two to four inches of snow can make driving inconvenient.

When you are driving in New York City, traveling should be adjusted to reflect the weather conditions. Whether you are on the Bronx River Pkwy, the Major Deegan Expressway, or a side street close to home, allow extra time to travel. If a blizzard warning or winter storm warning has already been issued, stay home unless driving is essential. The low visibility and heavy snow can result in an accident.

Winter Driving Tips

As New York is known for its winters, keep some winter driving tips in mind:

  • Reduce your driving speed
  • Leave plenty of distance between your car and other vehicles
  • Check your brakes on a regular basis
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car. Make sure to have fresh water, food, and warm clothing
  • Plan every trip in advance. Know your route and destination.
  • Never drive if you have consumed alcohol or used drugs. Do not use your cell phone.

Prepare Your Car for Wintertime

Take responsible steps to prepare your car for winter driving.

  • Check your car for any broken parts, worn hoses, or leaks.
  • Remove ice, snow, and other residue from the windshield, windows, and rear view mirrors.
  • Check to make sure the lights work.
  • Keep the gas tank full.
  • Replace your winter tires if they are not in ideal condition.
  • Test your car’s cooling system.
  • Make sure the battery does not become drained.

If you are unfamiliar with wintertime driving, take time to practice. Consider brushing up on your skills with a driver’s education safety course.

Even the safest drivers can have an accident. When you need a car accident lawyer near the Bronx, you can call Kerner Law Group, P.C. at 718-796-7900. For legal assistance after a wintertime accident, we will be glad to help you.

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