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May is Bicycle Safety Month in New York: Stay Safe with These Tips

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With warmer weather upon us, many Bronx residents have dusted off their bicycle and made their way to the streets and parks of New York City for a leisurely ride.

To help ensure safety,  The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee of New York today announced it has distributed more than $468,000 in federal grant funds for 20 bike and pedestrian projects across the state. This year’s investment is a more than 22 percent increase from the funding awarded in 2017 and emphasizes the importance of these enforcement, educational and outreach programs.  However, even the most defensive cyclist may be involved in an accident with a car or other motor vehicle resulting in an injury. These bicycle accident prevention tips and personal injury safety recommendations can help keep you protected and safe.

New York Bicycle Accident Attorney Shares Safety Tips for Bronx Residents and Their Family:

Here are some bicycle safety tips for you and your family:

–  Training: The first step to bicycle safety is to be sure that you and your family can all ride their bike. In the case of children, training wheels help young riders develop the balance needed to ride two wheels. If you have older children, before you plan a family ride in one of our New York City or Yonkers parks, be sure they can handle their bike well. Teach them how to be safe when they ride with you or without you so that they can have fun and avoid getting injured.

• Pay attention to road safety: Staying street smart can save lives so know the rules of the road before you go out to ride. This is particularly important for first time riders.
• Know your hand signals: This lets cars, that might try to pass you, know when you are about to stop or turn.
• Ride with traffic: It is easier to avoid accidents when you are riding with the flow of traffic. And, use bike lanes whenever possible to give yourself more room.
• Never ride close to parked cars: Kids don’t often think of this one in their neighborhoods, but it is a good tip. A door opening suddenly can propel your child off their bike and into the street.
• Always Wear Protective Gear:
– Properly Fitted Helmet:  Protective gear like a helmet can protect the head and neck from injury. Size the helmet to fit your head securely without too much wiggle room. You don’t want it to slide off in mid-ride or have the helmet slide down and obstruct your view.
– Knee and elbow pads: While once thought to be just a necessity for kids, adults can also benefit from the extra fall protection when riding. Wearing proper sized knee pads and elbow pads can help protect those bony prominences from injury when involved in a bicycle accident.
– Reflectors or reflective vest: When riding at night, it is hard to be seen if you are wearing dark clothing. But, you may not always feel like wearing white or another light color. To solve that problem, wear reflective vests so that you can be seen by oncoming and following traffic.
• Bicycle Maintenance:  While it is tempting to just jump on your bike and begin riding, after along lay off it is smart to check your bicycle for any problems before your first ride (and every ride). All bikes need tires that are inflated to the proper size according to the bike manufacturer. This can prevent blow-outs and falls. Check the brakes. Good brakes can make all the difference in traffic situations. You want the breaks to stop right away, even in the rain.

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