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Kerner Law Group, P.C. is dedicated to making the success of your case as our top priority. If you have been wrongfully injured in an accident, you can feel confident about placing your trust in our proven legal team.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office and you will receive the legal representation from an attorney who has the experience and legal knowledge needed to achieve the best possible results. We offer a FREE Consultation backed by our “No recovery, No fee” promise! We have experience in the following areas of personal injury law.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle accident can happen to anyone, at any time. After the accident, you might find yourself in pain, dealing with medical bills and other financial challenges. Unfortunately, getting compensation following an auto accident in New York can be challenging, especially if the person at fault doesn’t have adequate insurance.

Securing effective legal counsel can make dealing with a motor vehicle accident much easier. If you’ve been involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident, contact us today to learn how we can help. 

Rear Ended Car Accident
slip fall stairs injury
Slip, Trip & Fall

Falls, either as a result of tripping, slipping or other reasons, are some of the most common types of accidents causing injuries. If you are injured on a sidewalk, street, school – or other city owned premises owned or maintained by a municipality, (city, village or town) you may have a case for premises liability.

Contact us today and we will help you seek compensation to cover the physical, emotional and financial burden resulting from a slip, trip or fall due to another person’s negligence. We don’t get paid unless you do, and will come to you if you’re unable to come to them due to your injury.

Building / Premises

If you are injured as a result of a defect in a building, store or other premises you may have a right to receive compensation for your injury. Many times a defect like a collapsed ceiling, or broken step, or protruding piece or metal will cause someone to be injured.

Renters have the right to expect their home, apartment or commercial space will be maintained at the level necessary to prevent injuries caused by hazards, unsafe design or insufficient security. Call today for a Free Consultation. You don’t pay a fee unless you receive compensation!

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Dog Bites

The Center for Disease Control reports that every year approximately 4.7 million people are bit in the United States.  If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, there are several important steps you must take to ensure your physical recovery as well as protect your future legal claims.

Call to schedule a FREE Consultation today. We are experienced in handling dog bite cases and can aggressively pursue every avenue of recovery to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries. 

Wrongful Death

Pursuing a wrongful death action will not bring back your loved one. It won’t necessarily make you feel as though justice is being done or even make you feel better.

What it can do is help you and your children gain financial security in the years to come and at the same time, work to create a safer community for everyone by holding people and businesses accountable for their actions. To schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys, call our office today.

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Construction Injuries

Even though New York law requires construction companies to provide a safe construction site and working conditions, not all adhere to it. As a result, hundreds of construction workers get injured at construction sites across New York every year. 

If you get injured at a construction site, contact our office and we will help you receive the best possible compensation for your injuries. We have the experience and are familiar with N ew York Workers’ Compensation laws.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is best described as medical negligence. This occurs when a patient suffers an injury due to hospital, doctor or other health care professional’s mistake or error. These are often errors in diagnosis, treatment of a condition or disease, aftercare or health management.

If you believe that you or someone you know may have been a victim of medical malpractice resulting in serious injury, please contact our law firm for a professional evaluation of your case. We will be happy to analyze and discuss the law as it applies to you.

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Police Brutality

Many NYPD officers respectfully put their lives on the line to enforce the law. However, in some instances, police officers abuse their power of authority and injure people with unnecessary force, which can come as verbal or physical, possibly leaving the victim with trauma. 

We know how violating it can be to suffer mistreatment at the hands of officers, and will help see that justice is served. Call our office today to speak with a police misconduct attorney for a FREE Consultation!

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We offer Free Consultations at your home, the hospital and in our office. Contact our office today to speak to one of our personal injury lawyers. We handle each case personally backed by our “No recovery, No fee” promise.

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