Can I Sue If I Got Into A Car Accident With An Ambulance

Can I Sue If I Got Into A Car Accident With An Ambulance

Navigating the intricate maze of auto accident law, a question often arises about the possible legal actions after crashes involving emergency vehicles. In this blog, we delve into the complicated issue, “Can I sue if I got into a car accident with an ambulance?”

Answering this query isn’t cut-and-dry due to the concept that in many cases emergency vehicles have the right of way. This principle often provides a shield to drivers of emergency vehicles under specific situations. However, it’s not an impenetrable barrier. Exceptions do exist, especially in instances of blatant negligence or disregard for regulations.

In our discussion, we’ll demystify these complexities, guide you through the immediate steps to take post-accident and help you weigh up the potential of a lawsuit. We’ll also shed light on the potential hurdles and risks tied to suing such entities.

Importantly, we highlight the crucial role an adept personal injury lawyer plays in successfully navigating this tough legal landscape. Special focus will be placed on how Kerner Law Group, P.C.,has experience in these type of accident cases and can champion your cause.

Understanding Your Rights in the Face of Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles like ambulances, that are actually on an emergency call can be shielded from negligent liability. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If the ambulance or fire truck was not on an emergency run, or did not have it’s lights and sirens on, then legal action can be taken against the owner and driver of the vehicles. 

When ambulance accidents occur, they can often result in broken bones, internal injuries, or even severe spinal injuries due to the high speed these vehicles sometimes operate. For victims of such motor vehicle accidents, understanding their rights is paramount. This knowledge aids in discerning potential paths for compensation, especially when the ambulance was not actively responding to a medical emergency.

In cases where negligence has led to the collision, such as when an ambulance driver fails to engage emergency lights at intersections or exceeds the speed limit without due cause, victims may hold a valid claim. Such negligence could range from breaching traffic rules to instances of medical malpractice, in cases where emergency responders fail to provide the standard of care in offering emergency medical treatment.

However, establishing negligence and liability isn’t straightforward and often requires the experience of a personal injury attorney adept at handling such cases. If you find an ambulance in your rearview mirror turning into a party in a collision, don’t let your rights and the compensation for your medical bills get lost amidst the chaos.

Seek legal counsel, particularly if you believe the drivers of ambulances or medical services acted with negligence. Contact Kerner Law Group, P.C. at 718-796-7900 to schedule a free consultation.

Managing the Aftermath of an Accident with an Ambulance

After an accident with an ambulance, immediate and thoughtful actions can significantly impact your compensation potential. It’s essential to take standard steps usually followed after any car accident. These steps include securing your safety, alerting the police, seeking immediate medical help, and collecting any available evidence at the accident scene.

However, because ambulances have special legal protections, you might need to take extra actions. For example, noting and recording if the ambulance was using its lights and sirens when the accident occurred could be key to determining who was at fault.

During these complex times, it’s crucial to get advice from a personal injury lawyer who understands these types of cases. The team at Kerner Law Group, P.C. is experienced in such matters and is ready to help you navigate the process. For the expert assistance you need following such an accident, don’t hesitate to call them at 718-796-7900.

Evaluating Your Case: When to Consider a Lawsuit

An adept personal injury attorney can guide accident victims through this intricate maze, building a solid case for restitution in pinpointing liability complexities in instances where the laws shield drivers of emergency vehicles.

In assessing your case, they take into account the specific circumstances surrounding your collision with an ambulance or other emergency vehicles. This understanding empowers them to craft effective strategies aimed at securing rightful compensation for the victims’ physical and emotional distress.

Why You Need a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer

Retaining a proficient personal injury attorney is crucial when navigating the intricate legal terrain surrounding emergency vehicle accident claims. These complexities stem from the nuanced nature of sovereign immunity laws and the steep burden of proof necessary.

A skilled personal injury lawyer can proficiently steer through these challenges, helping you construct a compelling case. They are adept at:

  • Gathering substantial evidence that unequivocally establishes extreme negligence or off-duty status.
  • Providing insightful guidance on viable legal avenues in situations where victims consider a lawsuit following an accident with an ambulance.
  • Negotiating effectively with insurance companies to ensure just compensation.
  • Determining if your case meets New York’s stringent ‘serious injury’ threshold for filing lawsuits.

Their extensive knowledge and experience significantly bolster the prospects of securing favorable outcomes in these daunting scenarios. Don’t underestimate the weight of professional support in these matters.

Enhance your chances of success by reaching out to Kerner Law Group, P.C. at 718-796-7900 and booking a free consultation today.

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