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I Got Hurt Slipping On Ice In The Parking Lot

I Got Hurt Slipping On Ice In The Parking Lot, What Can I Do?

Ice in a parking lot is very common during New York winters. However, if you have slipped on ice and sustained injuries, you should reach out to an injury attorney to determine your options.  The person or organization that owns or maintains the parking lot has a responsibility to clear away ice in public areas. If they failed to do that, in many cases, then they may be negligent and may be held responsible for your injuries. As an injured person, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical and hospital bills, and lost wages.

In some cases, parking lot managers/owners may not be held liable due to what is known as a “storm in progress” defense, which means that managers/owners are not liable for unsafe conditions such as ice that occur while a storm is still in progress or still occurring. When the storm is over, however, parking lot managers/owners must bring their property to a safe condition within a reasonable amount of time. A “reasonable amount of time” is according to the laws of the city or county in which the accident happened.

We only take on cases that we feel we have a strong chance of winning. Slip and Fall attorneys do not earn a fee unless we recover money for our clients. That gives the attorney a greater incentive to work hard and obtain the greatest possible settlement on behalf of our client. This allows our clients to feel confident in coming to us with a slip and fall problem to provide a solution to meet their needs.

Parking lots do get icy in the winter. Snow melts and freezes and then defrosts and freezes again. While we need to be sure that we are wearing appropriate shoes for walking around in snow and ice, we also expect parking lots to be properly maintained by being shoveled and salted on a continuous basis. However, as a pedestrian in a parking lot, you do have an obligation to look where you are walking and try and avoid icy patches.

Injured at a Business in The Bronx? We are your Attorney

It is important that businesses keep their parking lots from becoming icy and creating a slippery and dangerous conditions.  While many property owners will hire contractors to provide services to plow and throw salt, some try to maintain the icy condition on their own but fail to do so adequately. If you are a business owner and have a parking lot, you must keep up with the icy conditions on a daily or sometimes even more frequent basis..

Ice forms on sidewalks as well. As a business and homeowner, you should always ensure that you keep the sidewalks in the area clear of ice and snow. This can be done with a snowblower or shovel. Salt should be put down to keep the sidewalk safe for bikers and pedestrians. We walk around a lot in The Bronx, which makes it very important for businesses in this area to maintain the sidewalks in front of their business. Many people use the sidewalks to get to the subway, work, and home. Be sure that you are always maintaining the sidewalk in front of your home, or you might be held liable if someone were to fall and get injured.

Accidents and Injuries happen and many times it is the fault of a property owner. Call Kerner Law Group, P.C. right away for any injury case, as soon as you are medically stable.  We will help you to understand and find out all of your options and be sure that you obtain the compensation and benefits you deserve.

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