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Who Is Responsible for Sidewalk Maintenance?

Is the City or the Business Responsible for Sidewalk Maintenance?

For the most part, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks. They are responsible for keeping the sidewalks safe in their community and public use. This is a law that was put into place for those in New York City to protect the city from damages caused by neglectful owners. Owners are responsible for snow and ice removal, vegetation and dirt, and any repairs needed to keep the sidewalks safe. The NYC Department of Transportation inspects the sidewalks throughout the city and will issue incompliant violations to those that are not keeping up to their end of the bargain. You could get a violation for a variety of reasons, such as cracked or loose sections, tripping hazards, improper slope, loose appurtenances, or faulty patchwork.  

If the damage was done to the property due to a utility company, it is up to the owner to document the damage. This could be your resource for getting them to repair the damage that they left. However, no matter who did the damage, the property owner will need to fix it. You will have 75 days to repair the sidewalk. Once you have gotten a violation the city will do it for you and send you the bill, if not repaired in 75 days. This can be a very costly mistake, meaning you really should repair it and sort out who pays later.

Trip and Fall Attorney in the Bronx

When a property isn’t maintained properly, people could slip and fall. At this point, we can help evaluate your situation and determine if you have a case. We work with those that have slipped and fallen due to owner neglect. We are a Trip and Fall Attorneys in the Bronx that helps people that have fallen due to ice and snow not being removed properly or a heaving chunk of concrete that you didn’t see. While trips and falls can happen all the time, some can be prevented. When the owner’s negligence happens, you need to call for help.  

It is the duty of the property owner to ensure their property is safe at all times. This also means the sidewalks out front. However, there are many codes, rules, and regulations for property owners in the Bronx area. You should get to know those codes if you are going to own property in the Bronx to avoid any violations and additional charges from the city.

If you are a commercial building owner, your building needs to be up to par for its visitors. Be sure that there are marked areas where the floor is getting wet. This will tell people to be careful in those areas. Snow can get tracked in and make some entrances wet and slippery. However, having proper signage can prevent you from getting a call from a Trip and Fall Lawyer in the Bronx..  Always have your walkway cleared and snow shoveled. Have salt on hand to help keep the ice from building up.  Keeping your sidewalk clear of snow and ice is an ongoing job, but it is your responsibility. As a property owner managing and taking care of all aspects of your property is the right thing to do. If you find you have fallen due to neglect from a property manager, please contact The Kerner Law Group, P.C. immediately.

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