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I Was Hurt In a Lumber Yard by an Employee

I Was Hurt In a Lumber Yard by an Employee. Do I have a Case? Home improvement centers and lumber yards are bustling sites teeming with activity, inventory, equipment, and people.  As a result, they are also fraught with hazards and safety concerns. ...

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My Hand was Smashed in a Hotel Auto-Closing Door

I Smashed My Hand in the Auto-Closing Door at the Hotel. Is the Hotel Liable? If you have smashed your hand in an auto-closing door at a hotel, the first thing you want to do is consult a doctor.  This will ensure verifiable documentation of your injuries. ...

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A Piece of the Ceiling Fell and Hit Me

Do I need a Lawyer if a Piece of Ceiling Fell On Me? While this doesn’t happen very often, there are times when a piece of the ceiling will break free and fall. There is no way to predict or prevent the deterioration of a building, but proper...

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Who Is Responsible for Sidewalk Maintenance?

Is the City or the Business Responsible for Sidewalk Maintenance? For the most part, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks. They are responsible for keeping the sidewalks safe in their community and public use. This is a law...

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A Customer is Injured, What Does the business Do?

What Does a Business Need to Do if a Customer Is Injured? When a customer is injured, a variety of feelings surface. Take a moment to calmly evaluate the situation, do they need medical attention? That’s your first priority. Keep yourself calm...

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