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I Was Hurt In a Lumber Yard by an Employee

I Was Hurt In a Lumber Yard by an Employee. Do I have a Case?

Home improvement centers and lumber yards are bustling sites teeming with activity, inventory, equipment, and people.  As a result, they are also fraught with hazards and safety concerns.  The utmost care must be taken when navigating large quantities of lumber from place to place using heavy equipment.  Haste, human error, and materials in constant motion can all contribute to dangerous working conditions and unforeseen accidents.  These accidents range from minor inconveniences to serious and catastrophic injury, and even death.  An accident at a lumber yard impacts both the business and the injured party in several ways.

Getting Help After Being Hurt In a Lumber Yard

The consequences of employee negligence in a lumber yard may have both short- and long-term ramifications for an injured party.  As with any traumatic injury, the physical, emotional, and financial aftermath can have a lasting impact.  If you or a loved one were hurt in a lumber yard by an employee, you are likely to require extended time off work to tend to your health and healing.  This can add untold stress and strain to an already emotionally, physically, and psychologically demanding situation.  The legal team at Kerner Law Group, P.C. specialize in navigating the legal process to gain maximum compensation for your losses.

Seeking immediate medical assistance is vital to assess the extent of your physical injuries.  If possible, use your cellphone to take photos or record the conditions of the proximate area.  Speak with the site manager, and request a copy of their accident report.  Ask those who may have seen or heard the incident for their names and phone numbers, and if possible, a written statement of what they observed.  Most importantly, before you speak with anyone else, call Kerner Law Group, P.C.

Lumber Yard accident injuries vary widely and can result in:

  • Head & Brain Injuries
  • Eye Injury & Vision Damage
  • Neck, Back, & Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Severe Contusions
  • Crush Injuries
  • Psychological Harm
  • Death

The impact of such injuries will depend on a multitude of circumstances.  What is your anticipated medical treatment?  How long does your doctor anticipate your recovery to take?  How long are you expected to be out of work?  Will you be able to work again?

Know Your right When You Get Hurt In A Lumber Yard

The vulnerability you experience following a traumatic accident can be compounded by painful injuries, expensive medical visits, and treatments, surgeries, time lost from work, emotional damages – even death.  The impact upon the family at this time is a serious consideration.  Extra care and support may be required for those family members called upon to support and tend to the needs of their loved ones dealing with painful injuries.  This can add incredible pressure as they rearrange their own day-to-day lives, influencing their own home life, employment, or childcare responsibilities.

There may be more than one party responsible for the circumstances that led to your accident. Our team of attorneys can help sort out whether there is culpability on the part(s) of a single employee or their employer, display defects, contractor error, or equipment failure. OSHA standards may have been ignored, resulting in dangerous conditions for all patrons of the business. Perhaps the fault lies with more than one party; together we will sort all these details out completely. You may be contacted by insurance providers on behalf of the lumber yard. We recommend that you forward their information directly to us and let us personally handle the details of your case and ultimate settlement.  Insurance companies make hasty offers based on their perception of liability, which seldom benefits the injured party. Serious physical injury sidelines the injured party from work and daily life, with little understanding of anticipated recovery time and return to activity. Losses add up quickly and can be both slow and outrageously expensive. Assessing long-term aftercare, including pain and suffering, counseling, and rehabilitation will ensure a successful outcome for you and your family.

Lumber Yard accidents and injuries can have long-term and sometimes permanent consequences, possibly placing you and your family in physical, emotional, and financial hardship.  Kerner Law Group, P.C. are uniquely qualified to assist you with your lumber yard accident injury claim.  If you or a loved one have suffered an injury or loss as a result of the negligence of an employee at a lumber yard, call our experienced personal injury law team today.

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