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What Are Slip and Fall Accidents?

While there’s no excuse for clumsiness, sometimes you may face an injury that is not your fault. Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property safe and hazard-free. If you experience an accident due to negligent defective condition or...

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Trip Slip & Fall Accidents: Getting Help in NYC

Trip, Slip and Fall Accidents – Getting the Help You Deserve The so-called “mean streets” of New York City take on a new meaning when you suffer a trip, slip and fall accident. These kinds of accidents send countless individuals to the emergency room...

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Slip On Icy Bronx Pathways

Accident Help: I Have Slipped & Fallen This Winter

Help! I Have Slipped And Fallen This Winter In An Accident, What Do I Do? New York turns into a winter wonderland during the winter snow and ice season. But this wonderland can also become dangerous due to slip and falls on the ice and snow. Ice and...

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Slip On Icy Bronx Pathways

Slip/Fall On Ice: What To Know In New York

Did You Slip and Fall on Ice? Here is What To Know In New York At some point in one’s life you have slipped and fell on ice. Most times you get up, dust yourself off and continue on your trip. However, if you were injured because of the fall on ice...

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Claim For A Slip And Fall Accident

You Slipped and Fell. Now What?

A slip and fall accident is an incident where a person falls and is injured due to the fault of a property owner. People slip and fall all the time and the question of fault is the one thing that always comes up. Property owners such as stores and...

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